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Understanding Robotic Surgery

At Maimonides, robotic surgery entails the use of the da Vinci system, a computer assisted device utilized across multiple surgical specialties: Colorectal, Gynecology, Hepato-Biliary, Thoracic and Urology.

The robot’s arms mimic the movements of the surgeon’s hands.  These arms are attached to the robot by the surgeon’s assistant.  The robot’s arms are introduced inside the patient’s abdomen via key-hole incisions which are smaller than a dime.  The surgeon can then move the camera which is placed inside the abdominal cavity even to areas that would be impossible to see with the naked eye. The surgeon sits in the console and moves the robotic arms remotely, something like virtual reality.

The robot is powered by the state-of-the-art robotic technology. The system allows the surgeon’s hand movements to be scaled, filtered and translated into precise movements of micro-instruments within the operative site.

This technique enhances surgical capabilities by enabling the performance of complex surgeries though tiny surgical openings. The system cannot be programmed, nor can it make decisions on its own. This system requires that every surgical maneuver be performed with direct input from your surgeon. It has been used successfully in tens of thousands of minimally invasive procedures worldwide.