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Breast Surgery

The Maimonides Cancer Center is the only full-service cancer center in Brooklyn.  It includes Brooklyn’s only fully-accredited Breast Center and Breast Imaging Center of Excellence. In 2006, when our Breast Program began, we treated 40 women with breast cancer. Today, we treat 500 women a year with breast cancer and many more with benign breast disease.

Advanced technologies and surgical techniques now allow surgeons to perform more precise, less invasive procedures with improved surgical outcomes. Our surgeons are pioneers in the application of minimally invasive surgical techniques that minimize the trauma of more traditional surgery. Whenever possible, they use laparoscopic and robotic surgery techniques to decrease pain and scarring, speed recovery, and help patients avoid longer hospitalizations. These approaches also expand our ability to treat patients who might not be candidates for larger surgical procedures.

Surgery is the cornerstone of treatment for many forms of cancer, either on its own or in combination with radiation and systemic therapies. We offer a full range of the latest surgical techniques and procedures to treat patients with cancer. Our board certified surgeons have extensive experience and high success rates in today’s most innovative procedures—from sentinal node biopsy, which involves the removal of fewer lymph nodes than standard lymph node surgery, to Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (VATS), a technique that involves small incisions and the insertion of a tiny video camera inside the chest via a tiny scope.

In addition, we were the first hospital in Brooklyn to utilize the cutting-edge daVinci surgical robot, which features a miniature camera that magnifies the organs and two tiny “arms” that are precisely controlled by the surgeons.

The members of our medical team, many of whom are nationally renowned, collaborate in multidisciplinary teams to devise the best individualized treatment plan for your care.

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