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The Maimonides Pelvic Floor Center 

To make an appointment at the Maimonides Pelvic Floor Center, call 718-PELVIC-1 (718-735-8421) or request an appointment online.


Problems with your pelvic floor can prevent you from enjoying activities you love. Experts at Maimonides Pelvic Floor Center provide the effective and dignified care you need for these critical muscles and the organs they support.

Maimonides Pelvic Floor Center: Why Choose Us?

We’re Brooklyn’s only comprehensive pelvic floor center. We offer complete care for women and men. At Maimonides, you’re in the skilled hands of doctors who trained at some of the country’s top hospitals. We offer:

  • Dedicated experts: Your care team includes fellowship-trained and board-certified doctors who specialize in urology, urogynecology, gynecology and colorectal surgery. When needed, we partner with specialists at Maimonides Prostate Center to meet all of your healthcare needs.

  • Personalized care: We understand the sensitive nature of pelvic floor problems. We listen to your concerns and make sure you are comfortable throughout diagnosis and treatment. We work to restore your health so you can get back to the life you love.

  • Advanced diagnostic tests: We offer advanced evaluations, including dynamic pelvic floor MRI, urodynamic bladder function tests and nerve damage assessments.

  • Care for all types of pelvic floor disorders: We provide specialized care for urinary and fecal incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and other pelvic floor disorders.

  • Range of nonsurgical treatments: We always start with the least invasive option, avoiding surgery when we can. You can work with a specialist to learn how to correctly perform Kegels, exercises that strengthen pelvic floor muscles. We also offer mild electrical stimulation (percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation, or PTNS), and bladder and urethral injections for incontinence.

  • Minimally invasive surgeries: To promote a faster and easier recovery, our experts take a minimally invasive approach to surgery whenever possible. Incontinence treatment options include slings and implanted sacral nerve stimulators. Prolapse treatment options include laser surgery, vaginal surgery, and robotic-assisted or laparoscopic surgeries.

Our specialists treat a wide range of pelvic floor disorders affecting both women and men. We’re Brooklyn’s only full-service pelvic floor center offering advanced diagnostic services and treatments. We work with you to relieve uncomfortable pelvic floor disorders, so you can return to your confident self.

What Are Pelvic Floor Disorders?

Your pelvic floor is made up of muscles, ligaments and connective tissue. It supports the bladder, bowel, rectum, uterus and vagina. When pelvic floor structures stretch, weaken or become damaged, you may experience incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse or another problem.

Pelvic Floor Disorders We Treat at Maimonides

Our highly skilled doctors expertly diagnose and treat all types of pelvic floor conditions, including:

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To make an appointment at the Maimonides Pelvic Floor Center, call 718-PELVIC-1 (718-735-8421) or request an appointment online.

Location & Directions

Maimonides Pelvic Floor Center

745 64th Street, 4th Floor

Brooklyn, NY 11220