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Diagnostic Imaging

At Maimonides Medical Center, we offer the full range of non-invasive neurological and neurovascular imaging technologies.

We have state of the art CT scanners that allow for rapid and high-resolution imaging of the vessels of the head and neck. We routinely perform MRI and MRA studies of the head and neck to visualize intra- and extra-cranial vascular disease and stroke.

With both CT and MRI scanners, we can identify which parts of the brain are receiving less blood than normal using CT or MR Perfusion imaging. We also have new techniques that allow us to non-invasively quantify flow within the cerebral arteries. With CT and MR source images, we can create complex three-dimensional reconstructions of the cerebral vasculature to identify pathology and plan for treatment. Ultrasound is also available for screening of the neck vasculature.


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