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Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE)


About the Acute Care for Elderly (ACE) Inpatient Service

The ACE is an interdisciplinary inpatient service designed to meet the special needs of older patients with an emphasis on the continuity, coordination, quality and dignity of care provided.


Our Approach to Geriatric Care

  • bringing a commitment to interdisciplinary team care for elderly patients with complex medical problems;
  • minimizing complications associated with hospitalization;
  • providing pain management and palliative care;
  • identifying and attending to medical, psychosocial and environmental needs;
  • maintaining and improving the functional level of patients;
  • providing cognitive stimulation and socialization activities;
  • providing expert interdisciplinary wound care management;
  • communicating medical information to designated health providers upon discharge to home or other facilities.


Evaluating the complex needs of hospitalized elderly patients

ACE Unit services focus on acute medical care and account for the complex needs of hospitalized elderly patients. Special attention is given to the assessment of memory loss and understanding the underlying causes of geriatric syndromes such as incontinence, falls and frailty. Psychosocial issues affecting elderly patients such as loneliness and end-of-life care are also addressed.


Wound Care

Because patients can have wounds that do not heal easily, we provide special attention through our wound care team.


Discharge and Medical Care at Home

Caregivers and spouses can often be overwhelmed with the responsibility of managing the medications and problems of patients recently released from the hospital. Once at home, if indicated, patients can receive a home visit from a member of our geriatric team, ensuring the coordination and continuity of their care.


Community & Nursing Home Liaison

The ACE Unit team serves as a bridge between hospital and community health care providers. Discharged patients are given a comprehensive discharge plan that, if needed, includes a one-time home visit by our nurse practitioner, continued follow-up by geriatric specialists and referrals to community services. Pharmacists ensure appropriate understanding of discharge medications.

If needed, patients who are discharged to home or one of our nursing home affiliates are followed by our ACE team, again ensuring that continuity and coordination of care is maintained. Maimonides has long established relationships with many nursing and rehabilitation facilities in Brooklyn.


Outpatient Geriatric Services

Our geriatric team offers comprehensive assessment and primary care services throughout Southern Brooklyn.


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