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Emergency Medicine in Brooklyn, NY

IMPORTANT: If you feel you are in an emergency situation, call 911 immediately.

At Maimonides, we understand that a visit to the emergency department can be a stressful experience, so we strive to provide high-quality medical care while making you as comfortable as possible.

We handle more than 86,000 patient visits a year, treating a wide range of patient illnesses and injuries, across age groups, gender, and ethnicity. We also treat children in our pediatric emergency center. Our staff is specially trained in pediatric emergency care. The center is equipped with its own entrance and waiting room.

Our emergency center is equipped with a multi-lingual staff to help ease the stress experienced by patients and their families during a medical emergency. Visitors are allowed in the emergency center, but we ask that you acquaint yourself with our ER visiting policy.

You’re in good hands at Maimonides because we have specialists with extensive training in emergency medicine. Our specialists know every organ, muscle, and bone in the body and how it works. Each emergency medicine physician is trained to make fast and accurate decisions and knows all the procedures necessary to keep patients stable until treatment is completed or a specialist is called. A majority of our physicians are board certified in emergency medicine, and all of our registered nurses are trained to provide emergency care, and many are certified in emergency nursing as well.

Our Brooklyn, NY emergency center also offers a high physician-to-patient ratio; patient representatives to handle non-medical concerns; modern CAT scan, x-ray, and ultrasound equipment; and high-speed computerized communications with physicians in and out of the hospital. These features combined with our “fast track” care for less urgent conditions reduce waiting time for our patients and improve care at your nearest emergency room.

What to Expect at the Maimonides Emergency Center

When you enter the emergency center, you should check in at the triage desk. A doctor or nurse will check you as soon as possible to determine the severity of the problem. Should you have to wait for a few moments we ask that you prepare for the following questions:

What is your problem today?

While the illness that brought you to the emergency center might be related to an ongoing condition or a sudden medical emergency, it is important for the doctor to know why you need help right now.

  • Are you in pain? If so where?
  • Are you taking any medication?
  • Are there any allergies that the doctor should know about?
  • Is there a private physician we can contact?
  • Is there someone to contact on your behalf?

As you might expect, the sickest patients in the emergency center are treated first. Those with problems less serious are treated according to need; this process is called triage After the triage interview is complete, the interviewer will send you to the appropriate treatment area for emergency care.

Patient Representatives and Other Sources of Help

Our emergency department is proud of the care it provides and the respect with which patients are treated. Patient representatives are present around the clock to assist patients, families, and friends. They are multi-lingual and help to facilitate communication. Interpreters are provided for non-English speaking patients and those who are hearing impaired.

Fast Track Program

Our Fast Track Program is available from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. for patients whose problems need treatment at the nearest emergency room but which are not critical. Fast Track patients—those with sore throats or a twisted ankle, for example—are treated by physician assistants or nurse practitioners under the supervision of an emergency medicine physician. They are usually seen and discharged more quickly than patients with more serious illnesses or injuries.

Patients with more serious needs are assigned to a team consisting of a physician, nurse, and a patient care technician who will be with you throughout your stay in our Brooklyn, NY emergency department.

This same team will evaluate your condition thoroughly; perform all necessary x-rays, lab work, or other tests; and determine whether the problem can be handled in the ER or if a hospital admission is necessary.