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Anesthesiology in Brooklyn, NY

ensuring safe, pain-free surgery

Under the leadership of Steven Konstadt, MD, Chair of the Department of Anesthesiology, our mission is to ensure safe, pain-free surgery and to provide the environment for educational development in the field of anesthesiology. Our team of experienced anesthesiologists has received specialized training in the areas of pediatrics, cardiac, obstetrics, ambulatory anesthesia, critical care and pain management.

Our pain management services offer a multi-disciplinary approach to diagnosis, evaluation and management of patients with both acute and chronic pain conditions.

Our primary role is to provide anesthesia during surgical procedures (both inpatient and day surgery), but anesthesiologists also act as the "internist" in the operating room. They provide blood transfusions, treatment for heart rhythm problems, fluid volume replacement and treat a variety of other issues that may occur during a complicated surgery.

The three forms of anesthesia you may be given include:

  • General anesthesia - you are completely asleep and unaware of the procedure.

  • Moderate sedation - you are sedated with the appropriate medication to have surgery without discomfort, but not in a deep sleep. Several short surgical procedures are performed with moderate sedation such as colonoscopies and gastroscopies.

  • Regional anesthesia - this includes spinal, epidural and regional block anesthesia. Only the appropriate area of the body is numbed and you are partly sedated and able to communicate during the procedure.