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Women in Science Program

for High School Students Who Will Be Going Into Their Senior Year


The Women in Science Program at Maimonides Medical Center, led by Donna-Marie Manasseh, MD, Director of the Maimonides Breast Cancer Program, provides a unique opportunity for qualified female applicants to participate in a summer program during which the candidates intern, under the guidance of an assigned surgeon, in the hospital and to experience life as a surgeon.  During the internship, which will take place July 9th - July 31st, 2018, participants are involved in a wide array of scientific and medical experiences, including research, viewing a surgery, assisting at a medical office, and working with an assigned mentor.  This experience would help the students understand what a career in medicine and science is all about, and to encourage the high school students to continue to work diligently to achieve their goal of one day becoming doctors and scientists.

We hope to inspire young women to pursue a career in science by providing a hands-on learning experience, during which the students will:

  • Be assigned their own research projects, leading to a presentation upon completion of the program
  • Assist surgeons in an outpatient setting, learning more about the direct patient experience
  • Join surgeons in the operating room to view firsthand the process of surgery and healing
  • Use the simulation equipment to "operate" on a patient
  • Join resident-led lectures and discussions
  • Read and discuss articles written by female surgeons and about female surgeons
  • Be paired with a mentor, who will provide one-on-one guidance to the students

The program's curriculum will hopefully improve young women's confidence in their abilities in the fields of medicine and science, and, for some, will provide their first exposure to patient care, surgery, research, and medicine.

Only the most motivated students will be accepted to the program, which will have an application process that will include an essay and interview.

  • Students must identify as female
  • Students must be entering their senior year in high school in the Fall of 2018 and must be 16 years and older at the time by April 2018
  • Essay quality will be a major factor in the admission to the program.  It is strongly suggested that you proofread your essay for proper grammar prior to submission
  • Application deadline: February 28th, 2018.  No applications for the Summer of 2018 will be accepted after this date
  • Interviews will take place March 6th, 3:30-5:30pm.  Applicants must be available at this time
  • Decisions rendered by March 16th, 2018
  • Applicants will be notified by EMAIL
  • Parental waiver form must be submitted
  • The application and essay may be submitted as an attachment to Viktoriya Furina, at
  • After initial acceptance, all candidates must complete the application process in the Volunteer Office, which includes a personal interview, a mandatory orientation, medical clearance, and submission of a parental permission form by April 16th.  Applicants to fail to complete their application process by April 16th will be terminated from the program
  • Accepted applicants must complete their online research training by april 16th. The research packet is attached

Plase click here to access the application form