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Apply to Volunteer at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn


Thank you for your interest in volunteering and/or completing your internship/clinical rotation at Maimonides Medical Center. 

To apply, please download, complete and return an adult or high school student volunteer application packet. We will call you to schedule an interview when it appears likely that appropriate placements will be available. Due to the large volume of applicants, we cannot guarantee volunteer placement in your preferred area at any given time.


Volunteer commitments

Although most volunteers serve more, the minimum time commitment is two four-hour shifts per week, however certain programs have more specific commitment requirements.  We consider consistency more important than quantity of hours.  We are coordinating the schedules of many volunteers; therefore, we must be able to depend on your attendance.

For those whose ultimate goal is to seek employment, please be aware that, while it can be a valuable experience, volunteer service at the hospital does not lead to paid employment at Maimonides Medical Center.  We are happy to provide references for volunteers whose service has been satisfactory.  We require at least 150 hours of service before we can do a letter of recommendation.  Of course, we hope that you will serve far more than 150 hours and join the ranks of dedicated volunteers who remain with us for many years.

As individuals, our volunteers have varied skills, interests and preferences, which we try to accommodate.  Our primary goal is to meet the needs of the patients who depend on the hospital for their well-being.  As a volunteer, your greatest satisfaction will come from knowing that you are helping others in the community.


Volunteer application instructions & process

  • Personal References - please supply the full mailing address and phone number of two people to whom we can mail a brief reference form.  These should not be family members, but others who know you as a friend, neighbor, teacher, co-worker, etc. 

  • Employment - check the box that most accurately reflects your primary status.  

  • Languages Spoken - list only those in which you are fluent. 

  • Education - provide the highest level you have completed, e.g. high school graduate, two years of college, certificate program, etc.  If you are currently a student, give the school and the grade you are in now.

  • Interview, Background Check & Orientation - prior to beginning volunteer service or internship/clinical rotation, volunteers and students must be scheduled for an interview, have a criminal background check completed (if 18 years old and over), and attend a mandatory orientation that is conducted by the Department of Volunteer and Student Services.

  • Medical Clearance - all volunteers and students will require medical clearance upon acceptance and prior their start date.  Medical forms are required to be completed by the applicant’s private physician.  Completed medical forms will be submitted to Employee Health Services for clearance that may take ten or more business days.  

Volunteer Application Forms

Please complete and return by email to, or mail to:

Department of Volunteer and Student Services
Maimonides Medical Center
948 48th Street, Basement
Brooklyn, NY 11219

Acceptance formats include PDF and Microsoft Word Documents (as attachments).

If you mail your application, it should be printed single-sided. 
Adult Volunteer Application Packet
High School Student Application Packet
Accutrace Background Check Packet
Medical Clearance Forms & Instructions (All volunteers - adults & high school students)


Questions?  Please call us at 718-283-3980 or email