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Prostate Cancer Treatments

Not every man with prostate cancer requires treatment. Doctors at Maimonides Prostate Center carefully assess your unique situation and consider your wishes to tailor a plan just for you. If you need treatment, we offer a range of effective and innovative options, working to limit or avoid side effects.


Treating Prostate Cancer

If cancer stays within your prostate and doesn’t harm your health, your doctor may recommend active surveillance. Also known as deferred treatment, this approach relies on prostate cancer tests such as PSA monitoring and biopsies to safeguard your health. By getting tested at regular intervals, you may avoid unnecessary treatments and related side effects. 

If you need treatment, your doctor may recommend using one or more therapies:

  • High-intensity focal ultrasound (HIFU): We were the second center in the country — and the first on the East Coast — to offer the next generation focal HIFU for gland-sparing treatment. Learn more about high-intensity focused ultrasound.
  • Robotic-assisted prostatectomy: Our doctors use advanced robotic technology to surgically remove the prostate. Read more about prostatectomy.
  • Radiation therapy: We offer several different radiation therapies, including internal radiation (brachytherapy) and external beam radiation. We’re among a select few centers offering an injectable form of radiation called Xofigo® to treat prostate cancer that has spread to bones.
  • Medications: These options include androgen deprivation therapy and chemotherapy. We also offer immunotherapy for prostate cancer that has spread and doesn’t respond to other treatments. Find out more about medications for prostate cancer.
  • Clinical trials: Our doctors are involved in national clinical trials to test new treatments for prostate cancer. You may be able to try an alternative therapy to treat cancer or relieve treatment side effects. Learn more about cancer clinical trials.

Help for Prostate Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Some treatments for prostate cancer may cause problems such as infertility, urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction. We try to avoid or limit these side effects whenever possible. If they occur, we have specialists to address them and help you maintain your quality of life. Learn more about the services we offer for prostate cancer treatment side effects.


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