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Lung & Thoracic Cancers

Thoracic Oncology


The Thoracic Oncology Program at Maimonides Cancer Center brings the best leading-edge multidisciplinary care to patients with cancers of the chest, including lung cancer, esophageal cancer, malignant mesothelioma, metastatic cancers, and mediastinal tumors such as thymoma, germ cell tumors, and lymphoma. Committed to giving patients the best chance for a cure while preserving their quality of life, our thoracic oncology specialists utilize the most innovative and minimally invasive techniques available today to treat these malignancies.

Maimonides Cancer Center offers thoracic oncology patients a full array of services—from state-of-the-art diagnostic, medical, radiation, and surgical services to psycho-social support that treats the whole patient, not just the disease. Since Maimonides is located right in the heart of Brooklyn, NY, patients can receive this comprehensive care in one location—without ever leaving the borough.


When a Cough Is Something More Serious Than a Cold

While coughing, shortness of breath, hoarseness, and respiratory infections are often general consequences of cold and flu season, they can also be a sign of a much more serious issue: lung cancer. Lung cancer is often considered a silent killer. This disease isn't limited to those with a history of smoking. Ten to fifteen percent of Americans who die from lung cancer have never smoked. One-quarter of people with lung cancer show no symptoms until it is diagnosed, often at a well-advanced stage. With these patients, lung cancer is usually accidentally discovered, when a chest x-ray or CT scan is performed for another reason. The other seventy-five percent develop some symptoms, which at first often seem harmless.

If you have a persistent cough, have coughed up blood or rust-colored phlegm, experience fatigue or unexplained weight loss, have recurrent respiratory infections or newly developed shortness of breath, you should see your primary care physician immediately.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in Brooklyn. Only fifteen percent of lung cancer patients survive five years after diagnosis, which is very low in comparison to other types of cancer. Early diagnosis is the key to survival. At Maimonides Medical Center, our lung cancer doctors offer narrow-band imaging bronchoscopy, which detects subtle cancers that aren't visible to the naked eye. Find out about our Lung Cancer Screening program.

The earlier the diagnosis, the less likely the disease has spread, making it easier to surgically remove the cancerous cells. For many lung cancer patients, lobectomy (the removal of a single lobe of the lung) is the preferred treatment for early-stage disease. Traditionally, an open approach has been used, where lung cancer surgeons make a long incision and must cut or spread the patient's ribs to reach the diseased part of the lung.

However, when using a minimally invasive procedure called the VATS technique, Maimonides physicians only need to create three small incisions. This minimally invasive approach reduces your time in the hospital, as well as your pain and your recovery time after the procedure.

Find out more and speak with a lung cancer/oncologist specialist.

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