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Treatments for leukemia, lymphomas & multiple myeloma


There are three main categories of treatment for blood system cancers: chemotherapy, biological therapy and radiation therapy. 

  • Chemotherapy is given by vein or orally, attacks cancer cells in the body to prevent them from dividing.  
  • Biological therapies, or immunotherapy, are given by vein or orally. However, unlike chemotherapies that attack the cancer directly, biological therapies attack cancer cells by using the immune system or by blocking chemical reactions that are unique to the specific cancer cell being treated.  Radioimmunotherapy involves monoclonal antibodies with radioactive particles, which attach themselves directly to the cancer cell and damage it with small amounts of radiation without injuring nearby healthy tissue.
  • Radiation therapy consists of directing a high-energy beam at areas of the body harboring cancer may also be a part of the treatment plan for hematologic cancers.