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Public Reporting of Patient Outcomes

2015 & 2016


One of the ways Maimonides Cancer Center assesses the quality of the care given to our cancer patients is to compare our performance rates in the National Quality Forum (NQF) standards for care to the performance rates of other hospitals in New York State and the American College of Surgeons Eastern Division.  


2016 Colorectal Quality Improvement Measures

Data as of 2016.


National Standard For Pre-Op Chemotherapy and Radiation or Post-Op Chemotherapy and Radiation for Rectal Cancer

*ACS-American College of Surgeons  

RECRTCT – Preoperative chemo and radiation are administered for clinical AJCC T3N0, T4N0 or Stage III; or Postoperative chemo and radiation are administered within 180 days of diagnosis for clinical AJCC T1-2N0 with pathologic AJCC T3N0, T4N0, or Stage III’ or treatment is recommended; for patients under the age of 80 receiving resection for rectal cancer (Quality Improvement).





2015 Breast Accountability Measures

Data as of 2015.


National Standard for Adjuvant Hormonal Therapy and Hormone Receptor Positive Breast Cancer  

*ACS-American College of Surgeons  

HT-Tamoxifen or third generation aromatase inhibitor is recommended or administered within 1 year (365 days) of diagnosis for women with AJCC T1c or stage IB-III hormone receptor positive breast cancer (Accountability).    







National Standard for Chemotherapy for Hormone Receptor Negative Breast Cancer 

*ACS-American College of Surgeons

MAC-Combination chemotherapy is recommended or administered within 4 months (120 days) of diagnosis for women under 70 with AJCC T1 cNO, or stage 1B – III hormone receptor negative breast cancer (Accountability).







National Standard for Breast and Conserving Surgery And Radiation Therapy

*ACS-American College of Surgeons                                                                                                                 

BCSRT-Radiation is administered within 1 year (365 days) of diagnosis for women under the age of 70 receiving breast conservation surgery for breast cancer (Accountability).              







National Standard for Radiation Therapy following Mastectomy 

*ACS-American College of Surgeons

MASTRT-Radiation therapy is recommended or administered following any mastectomy within 1 year (365 days) of diagnosis of breast cancer for women with >=4 positive regional lymph nodes (Accountability).