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Public Reporting of Patient Outcomes 2017


Breast and Lung CP3r Quality Measures

Maimonides Cancer Center assesses the quality of care given to our cancer patients. One of the ways we do this is by comparing our performance rates in the National Quality Forum (NQF) standards for care with the performance rates of other hospitals in New York State and the American College of Surgeons Eastern Division.  Data as of 2017.


National Standards for Administration of Radiation Therapy, Tamoxifen and Image Guided Needle Biopsies for Breast Cancer 

*ACS-American College of Surgeons  

MASTRT – Radiation therapy is recommended or administered following any mastectomy within 1 year (365 days) of diagnosis of breast cancer for women with >=4 positive regional lymph nodes. (Accountability) 


*ACS-American College of Surgeons  

nBx – Image or palpation-guided needle biopsy to the primary site is performed to establish diagnosis of breast cancer. (Quality Improvement) 


*ACS-American College of Surgeons  

HT – Tamoxifen or third generation aromatase inhibitor is recommended or administered within 1 year (365 days) of diagnosis for women with AJCC T1cNOMO, or Stage 1B- III hormone receptor positive breast cancer. (Accountability) 


National Standard for Surgery as the First Course of Treatment for Lung Cancer

*ACS-American College of Surgeons  

LNoSurg – Surgery is not the first course of treatment for cN2, MO Lung cases. (Quality Improvement)