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Cancer Patient Support Programs

Prevention and Screening Programs

Each year, the Maimonides Cancer Committee offers cancer screening programs for various types of cancer. These programs are designed to find cancer in its early stages in people who are at high risk for the disease, based on genetics, family history and/or the environment.

Genetic Counseling

In a community as culturally diverse as Brooklyn, access to genetic counseling and testing is critically important. The Maimonides Cancer Center has established a genetic counseling program to provide residents with an added measure of cancer prevention. The genetics program works toward this goal through clinical research and by providing counseling, testing, and information to the community. With the help of the medical staff, individuals identified as high risk can adopt tailored medical management plans to detect cancers at early stages or prevent their occurrence entirely. 

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition is an integral part of comprehensive cancer care. The Maimonides Cancer Center has established a nutrition program to provide patients with guidance during cancer treatment. The program works toward this goal by providing early nutrition intervention and identifying problems that affect the success of anticancer therapy. Finding and treating nutrition problems early can help patients gain or maintain weight, maintain energy and strength, lessen side effects from treatment, improve the response to cancer therapy, and reduce complications of treatment.

Our oncology team refers patients who are at risk for poor nutrition to a registered dietitian who provides private nutrition counseling and conducts cooking workshops aimed at optimal nutrition before, during and after cancer treatment.

Mental Health and Wellness

A cancer diagnosis can be life-changing. Patients and their loved ones may experience grief, stress and feelings of uncertainty.  Maimonides recognizes the importance of providing integrated psychosocial services to complement the patient’s treatment regimen. Maimonides Cancer Center patients have access to on-site counseling services, medication management as well as individual and family therapy.  The Cancer Center also offers support groups and education provided by mental health professionals.

Social Work & Support Groups

Research has shown that social work interventions with cancer survivors may improve length of survival. Maimonides Cancer Program has certified social workers who provide emotional and practical support to cancer patients and their families through individual counseling and support groups. These trained experts help patients attain the best possible quality of life during treatment, as well as discuss end-of-life issues when appropriate. They can also connect patients with other health professionals, such as a nutritionist, psychologist or financial advisor.

Palliative Care

Our Palliative care team works closely with the support services team at the Maimonides Cancer Center, including the social workers, psychiatrist, psychologist and registered dietician.    We all collaborate proactively with your primary cancer care team to manage symptoms that can be associated with cancer illnesses and cancer treatment in order to maximize our patients’ quality of life, and allow each patient to live life to the fullness, even though they have cancer.  from diagnosis, through treatment and afterward.