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Social Work & Support Groups


Supporting You The Whole Way

At Maimonides we understand that patients who face illness and hospitalization often have social/emotional concerns that need to be addressed. Research has shown that social work interventions with cancer survivors may improve length of survival, as it reduces an individual's stress level and helps to provide a continuum of care. The Case Management Department has NYS Certified Social Workers to help you with those needs.

Our oncology social worker offers emotional and practical support to cancer patients and their families through individual counseling and support groups. Their work helps patients attain the best possible quality of life from new diagnoses through ongoing illness and treatment to end-of-life issues when appropriate. The social worker can help clients handle the challenges of a cancer diagnosis, including speaking, understanding treatment options, coping with feelings and reducing stress, as well as navigating family relationships and the workplace. They can connect patients with additional services, as well as refer them to any other necessary health professionals, such as a nutritionist or a psychologist.


Information & Resources

On-Site Cancer Resource Center

At the Maimonides Cancer Center, there is an on-site resource center with information to promote cancer awareness and prevention. Here, you can gain valuable information about relevant issues, including treatment options, side effects, clinical trials and new developments. At the resource center, we offer books, magazines, tapes, brochures and online content on different cancer-related issues.

Legal Clinic

This free service is offered to cancer patients and meets on the first Monday of each month. An attorney from New York Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG) is available for those with a cancer diagnosis to provide legal counseling and advocacy for patients confronting denial of insurance coverage, employment discrimination, and/or the need for negotiation support with Public Assistance programs through both state and federal agencies. Assistance will also be provided on issues such as legal rights, wills, debtor issues, immigration, trust and estates, custody/guardianship, and durable powers of attorney. If you are unable to travel, phone consultations may be arranged.

Modern Image Post-Mastectomy Boutique

Every Thursday, consultants from Modern Image Post-Mastectomy Boutique provide assistance with post-mastectomy bras, prosthesis, wigs and all other related care products covered by most insurance companies. Free wigs donated by the American Cancer Society are also available on-site.


Support Groups

Our free-of-charge bi-monthly support groups focus on living with cancer and the changes created by the disease and its treatment. Participants discuss their concerns, issues and individual roles in the cancer treatment process. The groups give patients a wonderful opportunity to share information and give support to others who are facing similar challenges brought on by cancer. Support groups are a great place to find reassurance, encouragement and comfort.

Prostate Cancer Support Group

This support group for men with prostate cancer meets twice a month. Please call (718) 765-2500 for more information.

Coping Together Support Group

This support group for individuals with cancer and their families and friends also meets twice a month. Please call (718) 765-2500 for details.

Look Good Feel Better Program

Sponsored once a month by the American Cancer Society, volunteer cosmetologists teach patients how to improve their confidence and pamper themselves using make-up techniques. Each woman receives complimentary cosmetics and skin care products donated by the co-sponsored cosmetic brand.