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Mental Health and Wellness


Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be very difficult for patients and families. People often experience grief about current and anticipated losses, as well as worry about the progression of their disease and the effects of treatment procedures. Often, they are stressed and unsure about how to manage work, finances, and the thought of experiencing an untimely death.

It is important for patients to learn how to best cope with their cancer diagnosis and treatment. Social support systems provide patients with a place to turn and assistance in maintaining a positive attitude. Many patients do lack these supports. Adjusting to a diagnosis of cancer often brings about feelings of anxiety, depression, hopelessness, self-blame, and anger.

With approximately 1/3 of patients reporting distress during their treatment, it is essential that they have access to mental health services. Maimonides Medical Center recognizes the importance of patients' emotional well-being as much as their physical. For that reason, the Department of Psychiatry offers several types of interventions to patients and their families who receive treatment at Maimonides Cancer Center.

These services include: 

  • Crisis counseling

  • Psychiatric evaluations and medication management

  • Individual therapy

  • Family therapy

  • Educational interventions, such as coping and relaxation strategies

  • Psychological assessment

Research has shown that mental health services not only provide improvements in mood, but also coping, energy levels, and pain. The Department of Psychiatry aims to provide patients and their families with compassionate and supportive care during this difficult time of adjustment. Because Maimonides Cancer Center serves such a large and diverse population in the heart of Brooklyn, our staff is very sensitive to our patients' varied ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds.

We encourage all patients to feel comfortable reaching out to our staff and letting us know how we can best meet your emotional needs.