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For Maimonides Cancer Center's Patients and Visitors


Maimonides Medical Center encourages active participation of immediate family or their designees in the care of our patients. Therefore, our visiting policies are designed to enhance the quality of visits, while promoting the comfort of patients, respecting their privacy and increasing their safety. Please be sure to speak to the unit staff if you have any questions.


Directions and parking information.


Need help contacting a specific department? Have any complaints or concerns? Check this list of important numbers.


Maimonides Medical Center offers free interpreter services to patients and their loved ones. Volunteer interpreters, patient representatives, contracted in-person interpreters, over-the-phone interpreters, and other hospital staff members work together to meet the foreign language and sign language needs of patients.

The Cancer Center has physicians and/or staff who speak the following languages: Arabic, Cantonese, Creole, English, French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Shanghainese, Tagala, Toisan, Yiddish, and Fu Zhou. 

If you would like to request a spoken language or sign language interpreter, please tell your nurse or ask to speak to your patient care representative.


Maimonides Medical Center has instituted a smoke-free, tobacco-free policy. Use of smoking tobacco and all other tobacco products are prohibited on any of the Maimonides’ properties — inside and outside, including the parking lot.

This policy reflects Maimonides’ commitment to providing quality care and a healing environment for our patients and their families. Patients who use tobacco products do not recover as quickly as those who do not. By making our campuses completely tobacco-free, we are able to limit the effect of secondhand smoke in all of our locations.

Patients and visitors seeking assistance in smoking cessation may call 718.283.8644, call 311 or visit