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Breast Cancer Treatments & Services


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Today’s breast cancer patients have more treatment options than ever before. Treatment for breast cancer can involve surgery, radiation therapy, hormonal therapy and systemic therapy such as chemotherapy—or any combination of these.  


Diagnostic Services for Breast Cancer

Maimonides Breast Center offers the expertise and advanced technology to ensure the most accurate diagnosis possible. Our program is the first and only Brooklyn-based program of its kind to be designated an American College of Radiology Center of Excellence in the three areas of mammography, ultrasound and stereotactic biopsy. Learn about the Maimonides Breast Cancer Screening Program.


Breast Cancer Surgery

Most breast cancer patients undergo some form of surgery, whether it’s a lumpectomy, partial mastectomy, or mastectomy, as well as reconstructive breast surgery. Our surgical team has played a leading role in the development of technical advances that spare breast tissue, and we have some of the highest success rates of breast conservation therapy.


Systemic Therapies for Breast Cancer

Our medical oncologists specialize in breast cancer and bring the highest level of skill to matching the disease with the best systemic therapies, which include chemotherapies, hormonal treatments, and the latest targeted biological agents.


Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer

Radiation therapy is a central component of the treatment of most breast cancers today. At the Maimonides Breast Center, our radiation oncology team is dedicated to providing every patient with state-of-the-art, evidence-based care with personalized attention to individual needs.


Patient Support Programs

Many aspects of life may be changed as a result of breast cancer and treatment. Whether concerns are emotional or spiritual, or about transportation, occupation, home care or finances, our goal is to assist with coping. A variety of support and educational services are available to help patients and their families in managing the stresses that go beyond the diagnosis and treatment, including a psychiatrist, psychologist, and social worker, who can offer a variety of social and mental health services, as well as genetic counseling and testing.