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Breast Cancer Treatments & Services


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Maimonides Breast Center gives you access to the latest breast cancer treatments. Our breast cancer experts work with you to tailor a treatment plan based on cancer type and severity.

We realize you may feel overwhelmed. Our patient support services team partners with you, providing comfort and guidance during this challenging experience.

Breast Cancer Treatment Options

Most people with breast cancer get more than one type of treatment. Options include:

  • Breast cancer surgery removes the cancerous tumor. We offer breast-conserving lumpectomy and nipple- and skin-sparing mastectomy, as well as traditional total and modified radical mastectomy. Learn more about breast cancer surgery.

  • Systemic therapies use medications to target cancer cells throughout the body. Systemic therapies include chemotherapy, endocrine therapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy.

  • Radiation therapy after breast-conserving surgery decreases the risk of cancer returning. Our radiation therapy services include external whole-breast radiation.

  • Reconstructive breast surgery uses implants to create breasts after mastectomy.

  • Clinical trials allow you to try an alternative therapy to potentially treat cancer or relieve treatment side effects. Learn more about cancer clinical trials.

Patient Support Services

Our patient support program helps you manage the challenges and stresses that accompany a breast cancer diagnosis. We offer:

  • Genetic counseling to help you and your loved ones understand the risk of inherited cancers

  • Pain management program to minimize exposure to highly-addictive pain medicines such as opioids. Our nationally recognized pain management protocols rely on long-acting local anesthesia and alternative pain-relieving medicines.

  • Nutrition program to ensure a healthy diet as you undergo treatment and manage side effects

  • Mental health and wellness services to help you and your loved ones cope with a cancer diagnosis

  • Social work and support groups to assist with bill payments, transportation and social support

  • Palliative care for better management of post-surgical pain and treatment side effects, such as nausea, fatigue, depression or anxiety

  • Physical rehabilitation medicine to help you regain mobility and flexibility after surgery