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Support Programs for Breast Cancer Patients


Call 718-765-2520 to make an appointment with a breast cancer specialist or request an appointment online.


The Maimonides Breast Center treats more than just  the disease -- we care about treating you as a whole. Our supportive services are a major part of our commitment to patient-centered care.

Many aspects of life may be changed as a result of breast cancer and treatment. 

Whether concerns are emotional or spiritual, or about transportation, occupation, home care or finances, our goal is to assist with coping. A variety of support and educational services are available to help patients and their families in managing the stresses that go beyond the diagnosis and treatment.

Members of our supportive services team include a psychiatrist, psychologist, and social worker, who can offer a variety of social and mental health services. Our nutritionists can provide counseling to help patients make good dietary choices, and we also offer support programs. Services such as these play an important part in our approach to fostering physical, spiritual, and emotional healing.

In addition, we offer genetic counseling as well as testing for specific genes called BRCA-1 and BRCA-2 that predispose to breast and ovarian cancer. Brooklyn has one of the highest rates of genetic breast cancer in the country. Our team of specialists played a major role in the discovery of these genes and continue to lead the nation in the integration of their use into clinical practice.