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Erminia Rivera Breast Imaging Center of Excellence


Call 718-765-2550 For An Appointment With A Breast Imaging Specialist or request an appointment online.


Whether you need routine breast cancer screening or more thorough evaluation, Maimonides Medical Center has the services and expertise you need. The imaging specialists at our Erminia Rivera Center of Excellence focus exclusively on the breast.


Breast Cancer Imaging at Maimonides: Why Choose Us?

We work to diagnose breast cancer in its earliest stages, when it’s most treatable. By choosing the Erminia Rivera Breast Imaging Center of Excellence, you benefit from:

  • Commitment to excellence: Our breast imaging center was the first in Brooklyn to earn American College of Radiology recognition for mammography, ultrasound and breast biopsy. The college has awarded its Breast Imaging Center of Excellence™ designation to each test.

  • Dedicated breast imaging specialists: Our specialists focus on breast imaging, which means they’re experts at spotting potentially cancerous areas. They review your images as they’re taken, so you know immediately if you need additional tests.

  • Prompt care: We know you don’t want to wait weeks to undergo advanced testing when you find a lump or get called back for a follow-up diagnostic test. We get you in for appointments quickly. If you need additional tests or treatments, our nurse navigator guides you through the process.

  • Fast diagnosis: Nearly all of our tests for cancer cells get processed right here, at our dedicated Maimonides pathology lab. You receive an accurate diagnosis quickly. Our pathologists have extensive experience diagnosing a wide range of breast disease. Learn more about mammograms and breast cancer diagnosis at Maimonides.

Free breast screenings: We partner with the New York State Cancer Services Program to provide free mammograms and other breast screenings to uninsured and under-insured women. These screenings cover women age 40 and older, as well as women under 40 who have a high risk of breast cancer. Find out more about the Maimonides Breast Cancer Screening Program.