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Advances in Breast Cancer Screening & Treatment


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Breast Cancer Screening & Treatment at Maimonides: Why choose us?

Maimonides Breast Center in Brooklyn, NY, is recognized for excellence by the American College of Radiology, Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons, and National Accreditation Program for Breast Cancer. Our multidisciplinary teams of physicians, clinicians, and breast cancer surgeons collaborate to devise the most appropriate individualized treatment plans for you or your loved one. 

Maimonides breast cancer experts use some of the latest technologies and techniques for optimal patient outcomes, including:


Tomosynthesis 3D Mammography System

Maimonides Breast Center offers tomosynthesis, an exciting new digital technology for screening and diagnostic breast imaging. Tomosynthesis is an advanced form of mammography that creates thin slices through the breast to help radiologists to distinguish normal overlapping tissue from any underlying mass. An X-ray tube collects multiple images of the breast from several angles and a computer synthesizes the images to form a “3D”  image of the breast. Studies have shown tomosynthesis supports early detection of invasive breast cancers and reduces the chance of having to come back for extra pictures. Tomosynthesis can be done at the same time as a mammogram, adding just a few seconds to screening.

According to the Mayo Clinic, "digital mammograms, like tomosynthesis, allow for more detailed analysis and are more effective at detecting cancer in dense breast tissue. Tomosynthesis may be particularly beneficial to Black women as they have been found to have denser breast tissue than White women. Early detection may also be particularly important to Black women and women with dense breast tissue as they have a high incident of aggressive breast cancer and the highest breast cancer death rate." 1 

Radiation dose to the breast is equivalent for tomosynthesis and traditional mammograms for each view, but the combination is well below the FDA limit for standard mammography. The breast imaging experts at Maimonides Breast Center use this advanced screening and diagnostic technology to improve accuracy and early detection of breast cancer. 

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Stereotactic Biopsy Table (Hologic Affirm Tomo)

Maimonides Breast Center offers the only dedicated prone biopsy system in Brooklyn, offering superior 2D or tomosynthesis (3D) imaging. A Stereotactic Biopsy Table (Hologic Affirm Tomo) is a prone breast biopsy system that increases patient comfort, and supports increased accuracy and superior imaging, providing the radiologist with 360-degree access to the breast. 

Maimonides Cancer Center Breast Imaging specialists perform these targeted image-guided biopsies. This system increases the field of view allowing radiologists to better target lesions found during 3D mammography exams. New lateral arm technology allows biopsy of smaller breast size and areas that were previously difficult to reach. In addition, the system's design aims to increase patient satisfaction through faster procedure times and comfortable prone positioning, with a padded tabletop that eliminates a direct view of the biopsy needle, thereby reducing patient anxiety. With this technology, the breast imaging experts at Maimonides Breast Center can visualize subtle areas found on 3-D imaging, and conduct complex biopsies for subtle lesions or faint calcifications.


Making Lumpectomies a Better Experience for Patients

Breast lumpectomy often involves wire localization in preparation for the procedure. The patient arrives early on the day of surgery to have a wire inserted into her breast prior to the surgical procedure. Later that day, she has a surgical procedure to remove the wire and the breast tissue with the area of concern. For many women, this causes discomfort, increases anxiety and lengthens the surgical day.

Maimonides Breast Center experts offer Savi Scout Technology by Cianna Medical for lumpectomy patients. The Savi Scouttm is a small radar-detected, non-radioactive marker that is placed in the breast during the initial needle biopsy or after a needle biopsy, prior to surgery. On the day of surgery, both the Scout marker and the abnormal area are removed without the need for wire placement. This allows surgeons to precisely target (within +1mm) to pinpoint the location of affected tissue, leading to a more successful removal of the lesion. It also results in a shorter surgical day, less discomfort, anxiety and greater patient satisfaction.

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