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Comprehensive Orthopedic Services in Brooklyn

Maimonides Bone & Joint Center

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Our team of orthopedic surgeons, rheumatologists, podiatrists, and physical therapy specialists are here to assist you with any bone or muscle ailments. The orthopedic experts at our full-service center take a coordinated approach that will get you back in the game and assist you in maintaining your active lifestyle.

We are specialists in keeping our patients active and healthy. Our orthopedic surgeons and team of top orthopedic doctors treat everything from hand and wrist injuries, to spinal and back problems, to knee and hip replacements, sport medicine injuries, and more.

If you have an ailment with your bones or muscles, call us and let one of our orthopedic specialists examine your injury and provide a comprehensive treatment plan. A physician will typically start with conservative treatment options, such as physical therapy or pain injections, before recommending orthopedic surgery.

Our state-of-the-art orthopedic hospital located at 6010 Bay Parkway in Brooklyn, NY is easy to get to by car, bus or subway (N train to 20th Avenue or F train to Avenue N). Maimonides Medical Center is committed to keeping Brooklyn active and healthy. For us, the greatest reward is the knowledge that our patients are living a pain-free, healthy lifestyle.

Sports Medicine at Maimonides

Helping You Stay Active and Healthy
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