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Knee & hip center in Brooklyn, NY

Human joints are marvels of design, but can wear out over time due to conditions such as nerve and vascular problems, chondromalacia patella, misalignment and, most often, as a result of arthritis, osteoporosis or osteoarthritis. And, as the physically active baby boomer generation ages, over-use injuries – otherwise known as "boomeritis" – are increasing.

The orthopedic staff at the Maimonides Knee & Hip Center believe that your orthopedic care should be individualized. Our orthopedic surgeons, specially trained nurses, and physical therapy and rehabilitation specialists work together to give you a customized diagnosis and treatment plan.

Our staff explores conservative options such as medications, injections, physical therapy and mechanical aids before considering surgery. Should surgery be the best treatment option, joint reconstruction of the knee and hip are performed, using minimally invasive techniques whenever possible. Our expert orthopedic surgeons perform total knee and hip replacements, arthroscopy and osteotomy procedures. Individuals who have limited arthritis in the knee are good candidates for a partial knee replacement, which speeds the recovery time and requires a smaller incision.

Here at Maimonides, we know that you want to live an active lifestyle without experiencing pain or restriction of movement. But, accidents, illness or over-use injuries can threaten your freedom to freely move about. Whether you have a minor sports injury or need a total joint replacement, the Maimonides Knee & Hip Center offers an array of services to help get you back on your feet.