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The Maimonides Commitment:
Safe, Highest Quality Care

Maimonides is ranked Top 10 for clinical excellence.  To Find Out More About Our Outstanding Patient Outcomes and Clinical Capabilities CLICK HERE.


What Does It Take To Deliver Nationally Recognized Results For Our Patients? 

Maimonides is a recognized leader in providing exceptional patient care.  We do this through a culture of teamwork in our interdisciplinary Centers of Excellence, leading-edge medical technology, and our commitment to continuous innovation. Our experienced team of board-certified doctors and clinicians follows guidelines for evidence-based care and adheres to the most rigorous protocols for patient safety.


Culture of Teamwork

What truly sets our clinicians apart is teamwork. To support the overall culture of collaboration at Maimonides, our Leadership Team goes to great lengths to ensure that our clinicians have everything they need to provide the finest care in a safe and technologically advanced environment. Our nationally recognized doctors do the rest—and do it best.


Leader in Medical Technology

Maimonides Robotic Surgery Program

We were among the first—and remain leaders—in implementing advanced computer technology to reduce the risk of errors in the delivery of care. The American Hospital Association has recognized Maimonides in this competitive arena for over two decades.

New York City’s first Hybrid Operating Rooms were built at Maimonides—incorporating the most advanced imaging technology to support the most advanced surgical procedures.  

Our Robotic Surgery program boasts some of the nation’s most experienced doctors, reducing patient risk across multiple disciplines.


Legacy of Innovation

Maimonides Medical Center is among the nation’s largest independent teaching hospitals, adding the known benefits of an academic setting to the long list of advantages for our patients.

Maimonides’ culture of innovation goes back over a century and has supported many historic “firsts” such as the first heart transplant in the U.S. taking place here in 1967.

Our Clinical Simulation Center was the first hospital-based center of its kind in the Northeast—allowing our doctors and clinicians to rehearse complex procedures, improving patient safety and outcomes.

The Bloodless Medicine & Surgery Center at Maimonides offers safe and proven alternatives to blood transfusions in multiple clinical areas.

Maimonides is a leader in managing pain for patients in all settings in ways that minimize the risk of opioid addiction—and have published many of the leading studies (1,2,3) in this arena.