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Maimonides Leadership

Message from President and CEO, Kenneth Gibbs

Kenneth Gibbs, President and CEO of Maimonides Medical Center"I'm confident that the more you know about this wonderful organization, the more you will want us to be your hospital, whether as a patient, volunteer, donor or supporter." 

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Clinical Leadership

Senior Management - see profiles of our leaders

  • Kenneth Gibbs, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Robert Naldi, Executive Vice President, Finance & Chief Financial Officer
  • Samuel Kopel, MD, Chief Medical Officer & Patient Safety Officer
  • David I. Cohen, MD, Executive Vice President, Clinical Affairs & Affiliations; Chair, Department of Population Health
  • Douglas Jablon, Executive Vice President, Patient Relations; Special Assistant to the President
  • Joyce A. Leahy, Esq., Executive Vice President, Legal Affairs & General Counsel
  • Heshy Augenbaum, Chief Development Officer
  • Marcel Biberfeld, DSW, Senior Vice President, Psychiatry/Community Services
  • Martin Cammer, Senior Vice President, Finance Administration & Faculty Practice, Compliance Officer
  • Thomas Doherty, Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Chief of Staff
  • Declan Doyle, Senior Vice President, Operations and Clinical Programs
  • Walter Fahey, Senior Vice President, Management Information Systems & Chief Information Officer
  • Derek Goins, Senior Vice President, Operations, Facilities & Support Services
  • Karen Nelson, Senior Vice President, Integrated Delivery Systems
  • Denise Pelle, Senior Vice President, Ambulatory Care
  • Eric Scalettar, Senior Vice President, Planning
  • Ron Sohn, Vice President of Marketing and External Affairs
  • Thomas Smith, RN, Chief Nursing Officer & Senior Vice President
  • Adam Stolz, Vice President, Strategy and Administration
  • Kirstie Toussaint, MS, Vice President, Chief Patient Experience Officer
  • Eileen Tynion, Public Information Officer and Vice President of Public Affairs
  • Harold Wodinsky, Senior Vice President, Physician Enterprises

Board of Trustees

  • Eugene Keilin, Chair
  • Paul T. Addison
  • Steven Adelsberg
  • Donna Astion, MD
  • Irwin M. Birnbaum
  • Joseph Bruno
  • Rev. Monsignor David Cassato
  • David L. Diamond, MD
  • Richard D. Forman
  • Marvin Hellman
  • Jack A. Hidary
  • Lofton Holder
  • Mortimer N. Klaus
  • Chaim H. Leshkowitz
  • George Liu, MD
  • Robert Machinist
  • Charlie Mamiye
  • Donald Meltzer
  • Frank A. Naccarato
  • George Neiderman, MD
  • Azzam Obeid
  • Steven D. Oppenheim
  • Martin Payson
  • Peter Rebenwurzel
  • Erminia Rivera
  • Alex Rovt, Ph.D
  • Veronica C. Santilli, MD
  • Mary Singh
  • Isaac M. Sutton
  • Aaron D. Twerski
  • Moshe H. Wieder
  • Keith Wortman
  • Michael L. Ziegler, Esq.

Emeritus Trustees

  • Norman A. Ohrwashel
  • Alfred Schonberger
  • Herbert Wolff