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Our History and Future

In 1911, a group of concerned women opened a dispensary to serve the poor and needy residents of their Brooklyn neighborhood -thereby planting the seed that would grow into Maimonides Medical Center.

Over the last century, Maimonides has developed into a vital part of the Brooklyn community, as well as a thriving world-class medical center. Our physicians pioneered significant advancements in the field of medicine and, as we move into our second century, Maimonides will continue to reach for new levels of excellence - all the while remaining committed to its mission of providing high-quality, compassionate health care to the diverse patient population in our Brooklyn community.

Over a Century of Excellence in Medicine

Over the last 100 years, many extraordinary things happened as Maimonides evolved from a small dispensary serving the poor and needy to become a thriving medical center. 

Maimonides Medical Center was named for Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon, a brilliant 12th-century philosopher who laid the foundation for the modern medical training of physicians. Rabbi Maimon, better known as Maimonides, was deeply committed to cultural tolerance and humane care, as well as high medical standards. It was he who said, "The physician should not treat the disease, but rather the patient who is suffering from it." At Maimonides Medical Center, we have practiced our namesake's philosophy with an unmatched passion for more than 100 years.

Maimonides was founded as the New Utrecht Dispensary. In 1919, several smaller dispensaries were consolidated and New Utrecht became Israel Hospital of Brooklyn. In 1920 it merged with Zion hospital and became United Israel Zion Hospital. New facilities were built to accommodate the growing number of patients (the building that is now our Administration building on Tenth Avenue). In 1947, United Israel Zion and Beth Moses hospitals were merged to create the medical center as it exists today, and the hospital was renamed in honor of Maimonides.

Technology & Culture of Innovation

Maimonides physicians have a long history of pioneering sophisticated procedures that save lives and improve patient outcomes. We support this culture of innovation by investing in technology to improve patient care, reduce errors, and speed decision-making.  We have intensively pursued the integration of technology in our day-to-day operations. Learn more.

Modernization & Future

As Maimonides moves into its second century of service, we continue to invest in our facilities with the latest technology to ensure our commitment of providing high-quality, personalized healthcare to the diverse populations of Brooklyn. From a dedicated facility for breast cancer, to renovation and expansion of our Heart & Vascular Center, to a welcoming lobby for our patients and their families, we are always striving to ensure that our facilities match the extraordinary clinical work happening within our walls.