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Core Principles

At Maimonides Medical Center, our top priority is delivering high quality, personalized patient care. To deliver this exceptional treatment, our staff abides by the following core principles:

Clinical Excellence

Our patient-centered approach to care is seen throughout our staff, the hospital and our renowned centers of excellence. Physicians and nurses at Maimonides are not only highly trained professionals, they are caring men and women who recognize the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions to illness.

Code of Mutual Respect

Maimonides believes that everyone, both recipients and providers of care, must be treated in a dignified, respectful manner at all times in order for their mutual goal of high-quality health care to be accomplished. We acknowledge that health care providers must communicate well, collaborate effectively, and work as a team to optimize and monitor outcomes.

A Culture of Innovation

Maimonides continues to pioneer some of the most sophisticated procedures in medicine. The Medical Center recognized early on that investing in technology would dramatically improve patient care, reduce errors and speed decision-making.