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Code of Mutual Respect

Maimonides Medical Center recognizes the importance of professional behavior and desires to expand upon the principles outlined in the Maimonides Medical Center By-Laws and Corporate Compliance Program Code of Conduct and consistent with professional society codes of ethics.

We also recognize the considerable interdependence amongst health care providers in the rapidly changing health care environment. The Code of Mutual Respect acknowledges that the ability to deliver high-quality health care and success in competing in the marketplace depend in large part upon the ability of all health care providers to communicate well, collaborate effectively, and work as a team to optimize and monitor outcomes.

The Medical Center further acknowledges that there are many participants in the process of effective health care, including patients, their families, physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, hospital staff, students, vendors and consultants, volunteers, and others, collectively herein referred to as the "MMC Community."

See the Maimonides Code of Mutual Respect.