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Myth or Fact: Wait 30 Minutes After You Eat Before Getting in the Water

Posted Date: 2/28/2011
Whether it's 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or a full hour, everyone has heard the old adage that you shouldn't go swimming directly after you eat. Reasons range from the thought that doing so would not allow for proper food digestion, to the belief that you're more likely to get a cramp.

We asked Dr. Gregory Todd, Associate Program Director of Residency Training, to help us figure out if we’re being safe, or just putting ourselves through an unnecessary wait period. “While some blood may be focused to that area when we consume food,” explains Dr. Todd, “plenty of blood is left in the body to circulate to the muscles.” Dr. Todd’s advice? “If you feel well enough to eat and you’re not too full or drowsy from your meal – dive right in.”

Verdict: MYTH – There’s no evidence to show that there’s a difference between waiting 5 minutes or 30 minutes after eating before you go for a swim.


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