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Nursing Poem Tribute

Posted Date: 10/3/2012

The Pediatric Nurse: A Tribute

Rachel Glincher, RN

The pumps are all beeping and the call bell rings,
Who is to answer all these noisy things?
The nurses of Aron 6 may be a mystery to you,
So here’s a poem to teach you a little more of all that they do.
Nursing is more than a job, but a passion of the heart,
There’s a lot more behind the scenes than giving meds and writing in the chart.
The little things of which you may not make note,
Are the things of which I would like to gloat.
The nurse that brings in chocolate syrup for the poorly tasting meds,
The one that makes sure the toddler with no parents will get fed.
The nurse that washes the clothes of a patient with a long stay,
The one who realized she hasn’t gone to the bathroom all day.
The nurse that will stay beyond a shift to make sure all the needs are met,
The one giving a friendly reminder when a doctor may forget.
The nurse that lets the parents collapse in her arms in tears,
The one to listen and soothe all of a patient’s fears.
You may not realize all that goes on that you don’t see,
But I’m so lucky that these very special nurses were all role models to me.

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