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Hurricane Sandy Through the Eyes of Our Nurses

Posted Date: 11/15/2012

Hurricane Sandy: Through the Eyes of Our Nurses

It is encouraging to know that during the darkest and disastrous of situations, goodness, kindness, compassion and sense of community shine through. In the days and weeks that have followed Hurricane Sandy, that was clearly evident within our city, our communities and the walls of MMC.
This article is a collection of reflective thoughts from our Infant & Children’s Hospital nurses on the Hurricane:
“During those first dark and cold days, It was comforting to come to a place with light and heat." 
“While anxiety and angst raged outside our walls, humor, compassion and a heightened sense of camaraderie were abundant within our walls."
“Humor and flexibility got us through. We pulled together to accomplish what needed to be done."
“We appreciated the generosity and caring that MMC extended to their employees during such a difficult time.”
“We tried to keep our spirits light. We made the best of our sleeping accommodations by adopting a “slumber party” theme.  Several of us bunked in an empty PICU room."

Linda Lama, Neonatal ICU nurse summarized her reflection on the experience. 
“In response to your request for our thoughts on of what it was like to work during and after the storm, I have mixed emotions. When I left for work on that Monday morning, I knew I wouldn't be home until at least Tuesday night or maybe longer. Leaving my husband and not knowing what was going to happen was pretty scary. However, I knew that the hospital and babies in my care would need me too. The atmosphere at the hospital was one of a "we're all in this together, so let's make the best of it”.
“I felt camaraderie at the hospital that I never felt before. People were genuinely concerned for one another. Working both days prevented me from really seeing the devastation of the hurricane, but when I finally received power, I saw how devastating Sandy was. It was then that I felt fortunate I was at work the night of the storm. At least I was safe at the hospital. I was very thankful for all the updates from Sheila Namm. It was her constant updates that kept my coworkers and I informed of all that was going in the city. Lastly, after finally leaving the hospital on Tuesday night, the parking garage attendant thanked me for working. I don't think he knew how much that meant to me. I say, thank you to Maimonides management and senior leaders, for showing your concern for your patients as well as your staff!"

The Pediatric ICU nursing staff has been actively working to collect money and donations of food and clothing. Tuesday, November 20th they will be hosting a bake sale with the proceeds going to MMC employees and their families that have been directly affected by the hurricane. Stop by and support the cause!


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