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Maimonides Medical Center Is One of Only Three Hospitals in Nation to Achieve Excellent Ratings in Both Heart Attack and Heart Failure Patient Outcomes

(June 22, 2007 - Brooklyn, NY) - “Hospital Compare,” the US government website that helps the public review the quality of care at health care institutions, now publishes mortality rates for heart attack and heart failure patients (

Of nearly 5,000 hospitals in the nation, 17 hospitals made the honor roll for treating heart attacks, with death rates below the national average of 16.4%.  Thirty-eight hospitals scored in the top category for treating heart failure, with death rates below the national average of 11.1%.

Only three hospitals in the nation were ranked in the top category for treating both heart failure and heart attacks – Maimonides Medical Center, New York-Presbyterian, and Hillcrest Hospital (Ohio).

“We’re delighted, of course, to see our accomplishments validated in a national arena,” says Pamela S. Brier, President and CEO of Maimonides. “But we never rest on our laurels. We constantly seek ways to improve our performance and take the best possible care of our patients.”

These ratings are significant because: they are based on the most reliable government-collected data; they are adjusted to account for different patient characteristics (i.e., age, the presence of other medical conditions); and they reflect survival rates for two of the most significant causes of death for Americans.

According to Ms. Brier, the Maimonides Cardiac Institute has long been recognized for excellence by numerous independent outside rating services. HealthGrades, the New York State Department of Health and the Alliance for Quality Health Care are among those that have honored Maimonides for its excellent cardiac services.

“Outstanding cardiac patient outcomes at Maimonides are due to many factors,” says Ms. Brier, “but can primarily be attributed to two: incorporating the latest advances in medical technology, and relying on evidence-based medicine.”

The high incidence of cardiac disease among Americans has long driven medical experts at the Maimonides Cardiac Institute to stay at the forefront of cardiac care and innovation. They are – first and foremost – dedicated to finding new ways to keep patients alive and healthy.

The Maimonides Cardiac Institute boasts an impressive list of cardiac innovations and achievements, such as:


  • The first successful human heart transplant in the US was performed at Maimonides.
  • The first completely implantable pacemaker was developed at Maimonides. 
  • Cardiac Units at Maimonides were the first in the nation to utilize fully-automatic cardiac defibrillators, saving precious minutes in the resuscitation of patients in cardiac arrest. 
  • One of the nation’s first surgical and medical Atrial Fibrillation Centers of Excellence opened at Maimonides last year, providing the full array of treatments for this debilitating heart rhythm disorder.
  • Dr. Jacob Shani, Chairman of The Cardiac Institute, invented a wrist clamp used by interventional cardiologists worldwide to aid in radial artery (wrist approach) catheterization; he also invented a specially angled catheter that bears his name.

Maimonides Medical Center provides first rate emergency and inpatient cardiac care around-the-clock, but its primary goal is to treat sick patients before they need hospitalization and to keep them from coming back after a heart attack.  To find out more about the Maimonides Cardiac Institute and its innovative programs click here .


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