<><><><><><><>Brooklyn, New York - Maimonides Medical Center has launched its own Facebook fan page. 


Maimonides Medical Center Facebook Page.Our world is becoming more reliant on the internet, for communication and interaction among people of all ages. Parents call or text their child's cell phone that dinner is ready; professors email their students with class assignments; and friends "chat" online and stay in touch in new and innovative ways.

Social media is becoming more viable as a patient-interaction tool for healthcare. It therefore seems only natural for a well-known Brooklyn institution like Maimonides to join the Facebook world.

Maimonides Medical Center's "family" theme is so strong it would seem invisibly written into the hospital name. The objective in joining Facebook is to translate that family theme to the online arena. Many former grateful patients of Maimonides are among its Facebook fans. Other fans include former, current and prospective Maimonides employees and we hope our residents and alumni will join soon.

By having Maimonides on Facebook, we are encouraging community members to stay up to date on the latest news, and keep in touch with the medical center. The Maimonides Facebook page provides a good way for former patients to remain connected to the hospital that may have saved their lives. It is also a good way for people in the Brooklyn community who are Facebook members to join and become informed about health events and the outstanding care at Maimonides.

To visit the Maimonides Medical Center Facebook page, click here.


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