Finding Dr Pedram Bral was the best thing that could have happened to me or any woman that has to undergo a hysterectomy. I am 54 and have been suffering for years with fibroid and heavy bleeding until I finally decided to have the surgery. I was scheduled to be cut from hip to hip with a 6 week recovery because two Doctors said I was not a candidate for laparoscopic surgery. All this was just too much for me and I suffered with the anxiety contemplating all that pain.

Two weeks before my scheduled surgery a co-worker told me she saw on TV a new procedure using a Robot. I ran home and went on line and was amazed at what I saw. I found Dr Bral on the list of surgeons and quickly made an appointment. The receptionist was lovely and I found the office to be very professional. After a long and informative consult we proceeded with my examination. The Doctor informed me he could do my surgery stereoscopic which is minimally invasive procedure and my recovery would be a week or two. I was so happy and felt confident in Dr Bral. I made an appointment for the following week.

I entered Maimonides Medical Center in the AM and after surgery I spent the evening in the hospital but could have gone home. I stayed because I lived one and a half hours away from the hospital. That night I was medicated and slept pretty well I bled a little and wore a sanitary napkin that night. I went home in the morning. I was a little uncomfortable in the car because in NY there are so many pot holes and the roads are bumpy. I made one stop on my way home to visit my elderly Aunt after all she made me chicken soup. Once home I got into bed, had my soup and relaxed. Day three I took it easy but did not stay in bed Oh yes I did two loads of laundry. Day four friends came over I put my bathing suit on and went to the pool in my building I didn't go swimming just sunning. By the fourth day I was feeling great just a little sore... I put my Ipod on and walked two miles on the boardwalk. I still was not 100% it was more of a stroll.

The only medication I took was extra strength Tylenol. I returned to work 10 days later but could have gone back after a week. It is two weeks now and I am a little sore, it feels like I did too many sit- ups. My incisions are healed and there is virtually no scar at all. I am still amazed.

Thank you Dr Bral and your wonderful staff.

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