How can I say thanks?  Words are not enough.  I must truly emphasize how professional, caring and precise you and your staff are.  I did some research on Maimonides Hospital in reference to this surgery and your name popped up.  I went on further to read about your credentials and within minutes I was quite comfortable to send you an email about my situation (having multiple fibroids) and how to have them removed while saving my uterus and to consider having more children.  My email was sent on a Friday and by the following Monday I heard from your office.  I was fortunate to get an appointment the next two days.

When I came to your office the staff was professional and the atmosphere was clean. Even one of your patients (pregnant/due in a couple of weeks) assisted me when my reading material fell.  Mind you she was pregnant.  That alone told me that that was the place for me. After my conversation and examination done by you, Dr. Bral, I felt very comfortable.  You explained the procedures to me and answered all my questions.  You were very patient. (I called my mother, (age 62) as soon as I left the office that she must make you her Gyn Doctor).  After the pre-admission testing (in which your staff aided me; she even called the pharmacy to give me that mix powder to clean me before the surgery).  I just could not believe how blessed I was.

On May 23, 2008, I headed off to the Operating room (even the transporter said your were the best with the Robotic Surgery).  Dr. Braal, when I saw you I was so excited because I knew I was going get rid of my fibroids and my horror. Once again you and your staff were very professional. The procedures were once again explained to me.  The location of my fibroids and the possibility to open/cut (did not happen). My spirit was lifted and looked forward to my happy life. When I walked over to the operating table I said a prayer and lifted my thoughts to my God that He should direct you and He did.  The anesthesiologist was even pleasant; told me think of something pleasant and then I woke up in the recovery room. The procedures went extremely well.   I was able to walk to the bathroom within hours.  The next d

ay I walked several times around the hospital ward.  I felt pain, nausea and gassy.  The pain was not as severe as during my monthly periods. I got discharge the next day.  To my surprise, I am just spotting and I am so glad that the case because I am anemic. (white blood count 8.6, red out of range 3.23 and hemoglobin  9.1). Even though I am sore I am moving around the house and my relatives told me to go to bed and not to do anything.  I am not as tired as I was prior to the surgery and I cannot wait to go back to work and show them what I am made of ( been told that I may work myself out of a job).

Dr. Bral, pardon my epistle but I am so excited and happy. I have a few friends that have similar problems like myself and I will give them your number to go ahead with this procedure.  YOU HAVE GIVEN ME BACK MY LIFE!!! Thanks again Dr. Bral, I will see you in a couple days for my next check up. God bless you Sir. Keep up the excellent work.  Please train more doctors to do procedures such as this. 

Only the best is good enough and you are the BEST!!! Sincerely Yours,

Brooklyn, NY

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